The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb

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Below are additional resources on taxes that you might find beneficial including a podcast with David McKnight.

David mcknight David mcknight
114: How To Retire in the 0% Tax Bracket with David McKnight

Tax expert David McKnight talks about why tax rates may double after you retire (and what you can do about it), how to protect your assets from future legislative changes, and the whens, whys, and hows of Roth conversions.

Episode 271 retire with purpose tv preview Episode 271 retire with purpose tv preview
Will your taxes be lower in retirement?

Breaking down taxes in retirement; can money buy happiness with podcast guest, Brian Portnoy; and a focus on your healthcare options prior to Medicare age.

270 tv show preview 270 tv show preview
Tax Strategies for Couples

Retiring inspired with Chris Hogan, fake news about retirement, and tax strategies for couples that you won't want to miss.