The Two Years Before Retirement*

How a professor of finance does his financial planning, what to do if you’re two years out from retirement, how recent passed legislation could impact your Second Act – Catch it all on this episode of the Retire With Purpose TV Show.

Living Inspired & Investing Amidst COVID-19

A recent podcast guest shares his incredible story and how you can create inspiration in your own life, and Casey highlights his thoughts on if now is a good time to invest your lifelong savings in this episode of Retire With Purpose.
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Optimizing Financial PTSD

How can you turn financial PTSD into post traumatic growth? Find out from a recent podcast guest on this episode of Retire With Purpose.
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Should You Mortgage Your House?

Where does real estate fit in your retirement plan, and should you mortgage your house to finance your retirement? Find out on this episode of Retire With Purpose
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