The Psychology of Retirement

If you’re experiencing unexpected negative emotions in retirement, you’re not alone! Many retirees have struggled with this major life transition, including Dr. Robert Delamontagne, a recent guest on the Retire with Purpose podcast. Learn how to manage these negative psychological effects of retirement on the next Retire with Purpose Show, as Casey will be sharing highlights from their interview.

When Can I Retire?

“When can I retire” is a question we often hear at Howard Bailey, but recent podcast guest, George Schofield, says the question is irrelevant. Why? Find out on this episode of Retire with Purpose.
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The Future of U.S. Currency

Could the American dollar be replaced by the Amazon dollar? What should you do with cash after you’ve sold out of the market? Find out on this episode of Retire With Purpose.
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The 5 Years Before Retirement*

On this episode of the Retire With Purpose TV show, Casey covers everything from the importance of the 5 years leading up to your retirement, to spending do’s and don’ts. Catch it all now.
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