Retire With Purpose

Hosted by Casey Weade


Sundays at 10 am
NBC33, Fort Wayne


Sundays at 11:30am
ABC21 Fort Wayne


Saturdays at 12:30 pm
on Michiana's WSBT22


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Living Inspired & Investing Amidst COVID-19

A recent podcast guest shares his incredible story and how you can create inspiration in your own life, and Casey highlights his thoughts on if now is a good time ...

Optimizing Financial PTSD

How can you turn financial PTSD into post traumatic growth? Find out from a recent podcast guest on this episode of Retire With Purpose.

Should You Mortgage Your House?

Where does real estate fit in your retirement plan, and should you mortgage your house to finance your retirement? Find out on this episode of Retire With Purpose

The Future of U.S. Currency

Could the American dollar be replaced by the Amazon dollar? What should you do with cash after you’ve sold out of the market? Find out on this episode of Retire ...

The Two Years Before Retirement*

How a professor of finance does his financial planning, what to do if you’re two years out from retirement, how recent passed legislation could impact your Second Act - Catch ...

Best of The Retire With Purpose Podcast

Casey features segments from some of his favorite Retire With Purpose podcast guests, and each has a unique outlook on planning for your ultimate Second Act. Tune in now to ...

Optimizing Market Swings

It's important to remember that with market volatility - comes opportunity. Find out how to take advantage of a big market swing in the episode of Retire With Purpose.

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