Defining Purpose in Retirement

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Below are additional resources on taxes that you might find beneficial including a podcast with Mary Beth Franklin.

085: Making Sense of Social Security with Mary Beth Franklin

Mary Beth joins the podcast to answer your many questions about Social Security. You’ll learn how Social Security became the overly complicated system that it is today, why you may want to delay taking your benefits (or take them early), and how best to accurately get a sense of when to start taking withdrawals (and what you’ll owe).

154: How To Build Social Security’s Insecurity Into Your Retirement Plan

Casey breaks down a Weekend Reading article from Forbes, titled How To Build Social Security’s Insecurity Into Your Retirement Plan. Listen in as he breaks down the article and shares what he thinks!

121: The Safety First Approach to Retirement Income with Wade Pfau

Wade returns to the podcast for a deep dive into the Safety First Approach. You’ll learn how you can utilize the many financial products available to reduce your risk, the different approaches you can take as you create your retirement plan and the intentional strategies that will help you live the life you spent your career aspiring toward.