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Refinancing During Retirement: The Pros & The Cons

Have you thought about refinancing right now? Whether you are about to retire or are already retired, now might be the best time to go for it. We also discuss ...

Cryptocurrency, Medicare and You

Cryptocurrency, Medicare and the future of rising taxes...Find out more by taking a listen to this episode of the Retire With Purpose Radio Hour.

Estate Planning & The Geometry Of Wealth

Where should estate planning fit into your overall retirement plan, and can money really buy happiness? Find out on this episode of the Retire With Purpose Radio Hour.

Social Security & Functional Medicine

Find out how (and if) you need to plan for a smaller Social Security check in the future, and get an inside look at functional medicine with recent podcast guest, ...

Tax Laws, Hedge Funds & Female Investment Managers

What might taxes look like for your retirement in years to come? What is a hedge fund? And why do female investment managers tend to outperform males? Find out on ...

Market Protection Strategies and Retiring Inspired

What are some top market protection strategies that you can begin implementing today, and how can you bring more joy and financial confidence to your retirement? Find out on this ...