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Recent Episodes

What’s Really Guaranteed with Fixed Rate Annuities

What’s really guaranteed with fixed rate annuities, Medicare tips - how to get it right, and highlights on passion & purpose in your career from podcast guest Ken Coleman

A Decade-by-decade guide to retirement planning

A decade-by-decade guide to retirement planning, is gold a safe haven?, what a diversified portfolio really should look like, and interview with international poker champion & NYT bestselling author Maria ...

The 4% Rule

The 4% Rule, what the coronavirus means for the future of financial planning, and your bottom line in retirement. Plus, 8 ways to pay taxes like Donald Trump when you ...

Does Conflict Free Advice Exist?

Does conflict free advice exist? Social Security, HSAs, Roth conversion, & whole life insurance. Plus, real estate expert Jason Hartman discusses opportunity in the real estate markets for retirees.

Dynamic Spending Rules to Secure Your Retirement Income

In this episode of the Retire With Purpose Radio Show, how to use dynamic spending rules to secure your retirement income, Jan Freed podcast clips, learn about the “breadcrumb legacy,” ...

Lessons that history can teach us about retirement today

Lessons that history can teach us about retirement today (specifically 1966) and year-end planning opportunities based on the Biden’s proposed tax plan. Big focus on conversation with retirement activist Bob ...