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Recent Episodes

Inside the Advisory World

This episode of the Retire with Purpose radio hour takes a behind-the-scenes look at the advisory world with most recent podcast guest, Brad Johnson. Find out what you should be ...

Beginning With Purpose

Why is identifying your purpose the first stage of the Howard Bailey retirement planning process, and what makes it so important? Find out on this episode of the Retire with ...

Pensions & The People You’ll Meet In Retirement

How can you turn your pension into the most retirement income? Who are the 9 types of people you will meet in retirement and what can you learn from them? ...

On the Brink of Retirement

There's more to preparing for retirement than getting your finances in order, including some aspects you might not have ever considered. Find out more on this episode of the Retire ...

A Not-So-Typical Retirement Plan*

What happens if your retirement plan is to never really retire at all? Maybe you're simply "Job Optional", but it take some planning all the same. Find out more on ...

Roth Conversions & Retiring Abroad*

Why are more individuals beginning to retire abroad? Hear from Casey's newest podcast guests, travel experts Keith & Tina Paul on this episode of the Retire with Purpose Radio Hour.