Health And Wealth In Retirement

Health And Wealth In Retirement

Useful, yet Misunderstood Retirement Tools

Retirement tools that a useful yet misunderstood, including annuity prejudice with guest Steve Parrish. With an additional focus on retirement today with the article: “8,000 days - An Entire Phase of Your Life Waiting to be Invented.” All of that and more on this episode.

The 4% Rule

The 4% rule; what if you deplete your liquidity/emergency fund in retirement…what do you do next? Guest Joe Saul-Sehy - the host of Stacking Benjamins podcast, and “fake news" about retirement.

Social Security’s “Insecurity”

Social Security’s “insecurity” and how to plan for that, tax planning, the biggest mistakes we’ve seen individuals make with their financial plans, long-term care alternatives, and special guest Phil Cubeta (Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy), on philanthropic endeavors and how he’s been managing his own retirement.