Bank-Managed Investments & More: Segment 2

Bank-Managed Investments & More: Segment 2


Pros and Cons of Refinancing in Retirement

In this episode we talk about the pros and cons of refinancing in retirement, and what do you need to retire at 55? We also talk about Life Insurance with nationally recognized expert, Jim Bowman.

How to Know Your Advisor is Recommending the Right Product

In this episode of the Retire With Purpose Radio Show, how you know your advisor is recommending the right product, pensions, how to plan for a small SS check, & functional medicine with Sachin Patel.

Useful, yet Misunderstood Retirement Tools

Retirement tools that a useful yet misunderstood, including annuity prejudice with guest Steve Parrish. With an additional focus on retirement today with the article: “8,000 days - An Entire Phase of Your Life Waiting to be Invented.” All of that and more on this episode.