121: The Safety First Approach to Retirement Income with Wade Pfau

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Today’s guest is Wade Pfau, the Retirement Researcher. He’s the author of The Retirement Researcher’s Guide Series, a collection of books in which he’s explored investment-based strategies, ways to use reverse mortgages to secure your retirement, and much more.

Wade has dedicated his career to helping retirees answer tough questions, understand their options, and build financial plans that will truly serve them.

In his new book, Safety-First Retirement Planning, he provides highly insightful, valuable information for anyone considering making annuities a part of their retirement portfolio.

Today, Wade returns to the podcast for a deep dive into this topic. You’ll learn how you can utilize the many financial products available to reduce your risk, the different approaches you can take as you create your retirement plan, and the intentional strategies that will help you live the life you spent your career aspiring toward.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why modern portfolio theory doesn’t apply to households and doesn’t apply to the unique challenge of retirement.
  • Why the holy grail of retirement income planning is enhancing efficiency – and why it’s so rare to find planners who choose to work with a blend of investment and insurance tools.
  • What makes bonds the least efficient way to fund retirement spending goals, what you should do with them, and what not to sell along the way.
  • How to use life insurance to live at a higher spending rate.

Inspiring Quote

  • “You really have to make sure you’re thinking carefully and building an efficient strategy, a strategy that will get the most spending power out of your asset base in retirement.” – Wade Pfau

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