014: Finding Your Purpose and the Importance of Fulfillment – with Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder effectively retired at the age of 35 to find a new purpose and to enjoy life day in and day out. He exited the hedge fund management industry to focus on giving impartial advice – unswayed by bias or products to sell – at FinancialMentor.com. There, he has been providing financial education resources, including a number of powerful retirement calculators, since 1998 – well before anyone else was truly in the online financial education space.

Todd has had a long, tough journey to get where he is today. He is rethinking the nature of what retirement truly means and the models we use to determine how much money retirees will need to live comfortably after they quit working their primary jobs. He’s also digging deep into why so many retirees become listless and unhappy when they stop working – and exploring the reasons so few people are thinking seriously about living fulfilled lives.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Todd exited the hedge fund management industry to become the first person to focus exclusively on unbiased financial education online.
  • The reason Todd believes we need to retire the term “retirement” – and why retirees are often in for a shock if they think retirement as we know it is the same thing as vacation.
  • The 3 financial models Todd uses to overcome the financial issues that many retirees face.
  • Why the traditional retirement model is so unstable over the long-term – and what to do about it.
  • The key assumptions about retirement, what makes them often inaccurate, and why several qualified financial planners might offer completely different guidance.
  • The importance of fulfillment in everything you do – and why Todd believes that it should be a bigger part of our school and work lives.
  • Todd’s basic piece of advice for investors of all ages.

Inspiring Quote

“Entrepreneurship creates the bulk of wealth. Real estate is second. Paper assets is a distant third.” – Todd Tresidder

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