070: How to Manage the Psychological Effects of Retirement with Robert Delamontagne

Dr. Robert Delamontagne is a leading expert on the psychological aspects of retirement. He’s the author of the Retiring Mind series of books, in which he helps people manage the negative psychological effects they experience after retiring. 

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re digging deep into two books in the series. The first of these is Honey, I’m Home, in which he writes about the heart energy and why you should revisit it if you’re suffering from marital conflicts after retirement or afraid of being with your spouse or partner 24/7. We also talk about The Retiring Mind, where he writes about the psychological effects of retirement – and why 50% of retirees suffer from some form of emotional distress. 

Today, Robert joins the podcast to tell the story of his personal and marital struggles six months after his own retirement at the age of 63, the tools and techniques you can use to strengthen bonds and stop conflicts from escalating in your relationships later in life, and how to navigate the common traps that retirees fall into as their professional careers wind down.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • What led Robert into the world of researching retirement – and why so many retirees are miserable, but refuse to admit it. 
  • Why so many retirees struggle to maintain their otherwise healthy marriages – and why the divorce rate is going down for couples in all age ranges except 60+.
  • The reason Robert is a huge fan of enneagrams – and how to use them to better understand everyone in your life. 
  • Why you can’t recreate your professional environment or achievements at home – and the common mistakes retirees make while feeling angst in retirement.
  • Why we struggle with our mortality and what our assets are going to be doing – and how it affects our financial planning.

Inspiring Quotes

  • “Retirement means living the last segment of your life in the most positive way you possibly can. Optimization of life, the opportunity to pursue creative aspects of your life, the opportunity to solidify your interpersonal relationships and to live a creative, healthy, final stage of your life.” – Robert Delamontagne

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