143: Growing Up as a Ramsey, Budgeting and Debt with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Smart Money Smart Kids. Through her books and as the host of The Rachel Cruze Show and its accompanying podcasts, she’s dedicated her career to helping Americans learn how to handle money and stay out of debt.

She’s also Dave Ramsey’s daughter, which means that she has an astounding number of stories and lessons about money and fiscal responsibility. For parents or parents-to-be, especially if your kids will be growing up in a very different financial environment than you were raised in, Rachel’s guidance may be extremely valuable – and today’s episode is a must-listen.

Today, Rachel and I discuss her new book, how to stop comparing your life to everyone else’s, and the power of budgeting to achieve financial freedom.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How growing up with Dave Ramsey taught Rachel how money works in the ebb and flow of life.
  • What to know about spending time with kids and grandkids in quarantine – and the difference between commission and allowance.
  • Why more is caught than taught – and your daily practice is more important than what you say you believe.
  • Why money serves as a magnifying glass and amplifies your existing behaviors and tendencies.
  • Why a budget doesn’t limit your freedom, isn’t cheap, and isn’t restrictive.

Inspiring Quote

  • “A budget gives you freedom. It gives you permission to spend money on things that you want and allows you to prioritize without guilt, shame, or question. ” – Rachel Cruze
  • Tell your money what to do instead of wonder where it went.” – John Maxwell

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