046: How To Stay Present, Benefit From Past Memories, and Plan For The Future with Laurie Cameron

Laurie Cameron is the founder and CEO of Purpose Blue, a mindfulness consultancy that has delivered coaching and leadership training to Fortune 100 companies including Google and Cisco, universities, and other groups all over the world.

She is also the author of The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening, which is the #3 bestselling book on mindfulness for 2018, and my most gifted book of all time. Lots of people roll their eyes at the idea of mindfulness, but her practices have had a profound impact on my life – and many others’ as well.

Today, she joins the podcast to share the story of how she became so focused on mindfulness, how she helps coach her clients as they transition into retirement, and the tools and strategies she uses to stay in the moment and live each day as she wants to live it.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why our brains are almost always by default thinking about the past or the future –  and how to retrain ourselves to be in the present.
  • How being overworked, overwhelmed, and overscheduled led Laurie on her mindfulness journey, and how she learned to practice it on command.
  • Laurie’s advice for someone who is getting started planning their retirement – and her unique strategies to help her clients decide what matters most.
  • How Laurie helps her clients revisit childhood, working careers, and past experiences to use them in new, exciting, interesting ways in passion projects that improve the world.
  • Why mindfulness helps us notice when we’re anxious – and what we’re anxious about.
  • How Laurie uses loving kindness meditation to “tune her instrument” before she goes out in the day to live the day she wants to live – and the tools she recommends you use to make it a part of your daily practice.

Inspiring Quotes

“We can train ourselves to strengthen our capacity for attention and the skill of attention. A foundation in mindfulness is a superpower these days because we’re very distracted with our phones and the media and the uncertainty and the political landscape.” – Laurie Cameron

Interview Resources

The Mindful Day
Insight Timer
10% Happier


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