079: Rewriting The Narrative of Growing Up, Growing Older, and Growing Richer with Karen Sands

As more and more adults of retirement age take on new challenges, embark on second-act careers, and pursue far more than just a life of cocktails and travel, the language around aging and retirement is changing. Few understand this better than Karen Sands, who is a true “new age retiree.”

In her book, The Ageless Way, Karen proposes that women choose not to deny nor be defined by their age, but to transcend it entirely. Through a blend of intimate storytelling, historical insights, and cutting edge ideas, she’s created a powerful guide and radical new vision for women of all ages.

Today, Karen joins the podcast to talk about why she’s busier now at 75 than she ever was in her twenties, how to silence your inner ageist to enter your visionary, innovative next phase of life, and why getting older isn’t just about avoiding disease and maintaining your health, but living with purpose at every age.


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In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Karen’s mother’s diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s led her to walk away from her marriage, as well as several businesses, to study the science and future of aging.
  • How to use your past to write the story of your future on your terms.
  • Why the fast-growing longevity economy is going to prove so important over the decades to come – and who will suffer if it goes underserved.
  • How to start thinking about legacy well before you approach retirement age to best serve your community and loved ones.  
  • Why Karen believes we need to stop segregating old and young to help stop the epidemic of depression in older Americans – and why miraculous recoveries and reinventions are possible with the right support systems and resources. 

Inspiring Quotes

  • “Every listener in your audience needs to realize the opportunities are enormous. The growth of just care of people over 50 is exploding. We need 5 million new positions filled by 2020 just in eldercare.” – Karen Sands 
  • “I think the way I describe greatness is that it’s our signature DNA. We come in with it. It’s already there. It’s just we forget about it. It’s buried by our teachers, by our family, by society, by whatever. But that greatness is what we come in with.” – Karen Sands

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