125: The End of Retirement with Political Economist, John Tamny

Today’s guest is John Tamny. John is a political economist, the editor of RealClearMarkets, the Vice President of FreedomWorks, and a frequent contributor to Forbes among a number of other publications. 

His most recent book is The End of Work: Why Your Passion Can Become Your Job,  where he explores why prosperity and innovation aren’t ending American jobs, but making them better. He brings a unique perspective not just to this moment in history, but to the concepts of work and retirement – and how we can use them to make the most of our lives while making the world a better place. 

John joins today’s podcast for a more philosophical conversation about why he’s exhilarated, devastated, and saddened by this moment in history. We explore the history and nature of intervention, innovation, and entrepreneurship in America, what recessions really mean and how to think about them, and how all of this impacts not just your retirement, but the very idea of retirement altogether.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why John doesn’t believe that government intervention is a good solution to the Coronavirus crisis. 
  • The lessons John takes from the rarely discussed major economic crash and recovery of 1920-21, why recessions should be seen as cures instead of problems, and the reasons he would have advocated against bailing out banks and auto manufacturers in 2008. 
  • The reasons the massive government debt associated with the new stimulus package isn’t actually a problem – and why John would always prefer deficit spending over a balanced budget.
  • How LeBron James is a living reminder that retirement is becoming a dated concept.
  • Why China innovates despite substantial government intervention.
  • The reason John supports a return to stable money, even if it’s not gold – and why he thinks this will happen.

Inspiring Quote

  • “Failure can never kill an economy. In fact, failure is the driver of success.” – John Tamny
  • “In the future, people will be fighting, working desperately to avoid retirement.” – John Tamny

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