052: Discover the Power of Gratitude with John Israel’s Mr. Thank You Project

John Israel is the author and founder of The Mr. Thank You Project: A Journey to Elevate the Level of Gratitude on the Planet … One Card at a Time. Over the course of one year, John wrote five handwritten Thank You cards a day, every day, for 365 straight days.

In a world that many believe is less grateful and appreciative than ever before, John’s work has truly struck a chord with people, and he’s shared his experiences on ABC News, FOX News, iHeartRadio, Popsugar, and even in a TEDx Talk.

John’s work has had a transformative impact not just on how I live my life, but on the people around me as well. Today, John joins the podcast to share stories and lessons from the Mr. Thank You Project. We get into why John decided to take on this time and labor-intensive project, what makes a handwritten Thank You card a much more powerful expression of gratitude than sharing or commenting on social media, and how you can find your own “why” to inspire others to make the world a better place together.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How John Israel defines gratitude, why it is distinctly different from happiness, and what makes it so uniquely powerful.
  • Why writing a Thank You letter as a teen helped John lift a weight of anger off his back – and how this expression of gratitude came full-circle years later.
  • How John found his new “why” at a moment of major transition in his life, and how it naturally led him to launching the Mr. Thank You project, and how he actually set out to realize the massive task of writing five handwritten Thank You cards each day.
  • What John did to ensure he never missed a day – and what makes having a daily practice of any kind so powerful and effective.
  • Why gray divorce is becoming increasingly common in the United States – and why a one-sentence note attached to an action can be so meaningful.

Inspiring Quotes

Inside every life experience there’s a gift. Your job is to find it.” – John Israel

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