109: How to Downsize Your Life (and Upsize Your Lifestyle) with John & Ingrid Sullivan

George Schofield
As empty nesters, retirees often find themselves in homes that are simply too big. With adult children out of the house, empty bedrooms, and projects that need to get done to keep the property in great shape, continuing to maintain a home that made sense for decades can start to feel like a financial burden and a source of real stress.

This is why so many retirees start thinking about downsizing – and when they do, I recommend they read John and Ingrid Sullivan’s book, The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing: Downsize Your Life to Upsize Your Lifestyle. John and Ingrid are the owners of Senior Downsizing Experts in Arlington, Texas, where they help boomers, seniors, and children of aging parents with moves that can be challenging and emotional.

Today, John and Ingrid join the podcast to talk about the financial and emotional benefits of downsizing, the unique challenges and crises they help retirees work through as they help them move out of what are often family homes with decades of history (and belongings), and how to craft a downsizing plan and find a uniquely qualified downsizing dream team to help you make your next years the best they can be.


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In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why downsizing sometimes has a negative connotation, but actually involves making sure that your living arrangements are the right size to meet your needs, even if that doesn’t always involve moving into a smaller home.
  • How today’s wide range of senior living communities are very different from the nursing homes we may remember some of our grandparents living in.
  • Why John and Ingrid became Senior Living Specialists as they helped their own aging parents downsize – and how these experiences helped them realize how many people needed assistance to get through this process.
  • How children and aging parents can start talking about downsizing and needs planning before health, family, or financial emergencies that may make these conversations much more difficult.
  • What John and Ingrid, who are both over 55, are doing to make the downsizing tradition easier for their children in the future.

Inspiring Quotes

  • “It can add about seven years to your life by looking at ways to make your life simpler in a more healthy way.” – John Sullivan
  • “Oftentimes, the push is coming from the opposite side. The family is wanting to push them. For us, we find our clients saying, ‘I’m not sure what to do here. Help me figure out the best thing.’ So, we build a plan for them. They feel like we’re partners in this.” – Ingrid Sullivan

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