061: How Women Can Prepare For Retirement with Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky is the financial editor for TODAY. By working hard, interviewing some of the brightest minds in the field, building relationships, learning from others, and talking to smart people for a living, she’s developed a unique and highly accessible approach to teaching financial literacy, especially for women.

In Jean’s new book, Women with Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and, Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve, she gets women to open up about the one topic we still never talk about to chart a pathway to the joyful, purpose-filled life that today’s women not only want but also, finally, have the resources to afford.

Today, she joins the podcast to share the unconventional path that led to her career in business journalism, the importance of taking a team approach when it comes to both health and wealth, and the new and unique issues surrounding women and money.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • What Jean did when an editor at Forbes told her she needed an MBA to become a business journalist – and the surprising career path she took that both allowed her to avoid graduate school and eventually land the jobs she wanted from the moment she finished college.
  • Why Jean’s recent work has been so focused on retirement, why it’s now impossible to separate health and finance, especially later on in life, and the health-conscious changes Jean has made in her own life since doing this work.
  • The reason Jean recommends you should budget “backwards” in order to start making financial changes as you approach retirement.
  • Why it’s so easy to spend money on credit or via Venmo compared to carrying cash – and how this changes your mindset about spending money.
  • The reason it’s so easy to make excuses – and why not stepping up and managing your money is no longer an option.
  • How you can put together a Her Money Happy Hour of your own.
  • How divorce impacted Jean’s own retirement planning, when it can make sense to extend credit or gift money to your children to help them make big purchases, and exactly how much money Jean has found retirees need to be happy.
  • What grandparents can do to make the biggest impact on their grandkids’ financial health.

Inspiring Quotes

“You can’t separate health and finance anymore.” – Jean Chatzky

“When you look at the wealth that is coming down the pike over the next 30 years in America, women will inherit the lion’s share of that wealth. Yet when it comes to feeling confident about what to do with that money, making decisions and particularly as it relates to investing, many women are not as confident as we should be.” – Jean Chatzky

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