167: Your Breadcrumb Legacy and Sage-ing with Dr. Jann Freed

Today’s guest is Jann Freed. Jann is a leadership development consultant and speaker who helps organizations improve employee engagement, navigate change, and develop leadership skills at all ages and career stages.

She specializes in helping employees over the age of 50 find meaning and purpose beyond careers. She uses a concept called the Breadcrumb Legacy, in which people create new meaning for themselves and others, to achieve this.

She is the co-author of five books, a professor, blogger, and podcaster, as well as a very active member of her community.

Jann joins the podcast to talk about her experiences coaching individuals from leadership into retirement, finding purpose in life as retirees’ full-time careers come to an end, and what she has learned from interviewing hundreds of the world’s foremost leaders on life and business.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How Jann defines leadership.
  • Why leaving a career or a position is not retiring from life – and why people are so bad at planning the phase of life that comes after a career. 
  • Why Jann wants to retire the idea of retirement as we know it.
  • Why certain retirees spiral when they overthink the search for purpose and meaning in life – and the simple steps Jann recommends retirees take to sage, not age.

Inspiring Quote

  • “If you are what you do, and you don’t do it anymore, then who are you?” — Jann Freed
  • When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” — Mitch Albom
  • What’s your reason for getting up in the morning?” — Richard Leider

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