027: Finding Adventure & Purpose Later in Life with Hans Finzel and Rick Hicks

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why some people love – and others hate – the idea of retirement.
  • The reason your risk of depression and suffering from physical conditions goes up as much as 40% when you retire – and how you can avoid these dangers as you transition out of your first act.
  • What you should do to prepare for your future if you’re approaching retirement age, don’t have a Plan B, and lack the savings needed to retire.
  • The reason “elderlescence” is becoming a stage of many life cycles – and the developmental task that defines this phase.
  • How Hans and his wife found their greatest contributions going forward as he prepared to transition into retirement.
  • Why boomers who are hanging on to jobs for the wrong reasons need to power through fear, launch encores, and get out of their comfort zones.

Inspiring Quotes

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It’s comfortable to stay in that position and it’s uncomfortable to think about moving on, but that’s where life is going to begin for you and where your encore is going to begin for you.” – Hans Finzel

Interview Resources

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DiSC Profile

Hans Finzel hates the term retirement – and he really hates the idea that retired people don’t have anything to offer the world. He and his friend Rick Hicks are both PhDs and former CEOs who left their roles as they approached the age of 60, but they now spend their time conducting studies, researching, and writing.

In their new book, Launch Your Encore: Finding Adventure & Purpose Later in Life, they share real examples of individuals who have transitioned from full-time jobs to volunteer work, ministry, or even entire second careers. They want you to craft a game plan for life after your main career that will position you to succeed personally and make positive contributions to society – and never think about the idea of retirement the same way again.

Today, Hans and Rick join the podcast to talk about why hanging out on the couch for 30 years isn’t a viable option, the importance of passing the torch on to others, the dangers of losing touch with the outside world, and a variety of exercises you can use to envision – and realize – your second act, even as you’re still in your first. You’ll hear a number of stories about highly intentional, powerful encores – and how you can build a healthy, satisfying life in retirement.