137: Longevity and Purpose with Billionaire Dwayne Clark

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Today’s guest is Dwayne Clark. Dwayne is the founder of Aegis Living, a national leader in senior assisted living and memory care, and the winner of Glassdoor’s Top 50 Companies To Work For award. He’s also an author, playwright, sculptor, podcaster, and much, much more.

Dwayne lives what I call the Job Optional lifestyle. He continues to do the things he does because he loves doing them – and has built his life to ensure that he gives back to those who helped him along the way. In his newest book, 30 Summers More, he shares bite-sized wisdom and research to help us live our best lives as we move into our senior years.

Today, Dwayne joins the podcast to talk about what it means to give back and create for the greater good, how to escape ruts of boredom, and the actionable steps we can take to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • The profound lesson Dwayne learned from having to steal potatoes as a teenager – and how it led him to create the Potato Soup Foundation to help others in times of trauma.
  • Why billionaires have a responsibility to give back and create for the greater good – and how repaying your debts to friends, family, employees, vendors, and customers helps you find purpose in life
  • How people working long hours can divorce themselves of “noise events” and fill their downtime with activities that are more personally beneficial and productive.
  • How to keep support networks for older adults – and what Dwayne has learned from working with so many individuals with memory loss.
  • How interviewing Carlos Santana revealed one of the greatest insights Dwayne has learned in his adult life.

Inspiring Quotes

  • “Purpose is the longevity elixir that we should all be drinking.” – Dwayne Clark
  • “I need you to let go of the past with the one hand that’s holding onto it because your future is going to be so heavy. You need both hands to carry this out.” – Carlos Santana

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