043: How To Make The Most of Your Second Act with Dr. Paul Ward

Dr. Paul Ward is a leadership and life transitions coach, transformation consultant, purposeful life coach, and hot air balloon pilot. As the principal owner of the Too Young To Retire Organization, he helps people contribute to the world beyond their initial careers to make the most out of their second act – whether that’s an encore career, volunteering, becoming healthier, financial management, or traveling the world.

He’s also currently in the process of co-authoring the second edition of Too Young To Retire: 101 Ways To Start The Rest Of Your Life. He’ll be adding new insights and stories from the last 15 years, expanding significantly on the original ideas about work, health, and aging.

Today, he joins the podcast to share his learnings from his extensive studies on positive aging research, how he walks his coaching clients through the process of envisioning their future and purpose, and shares the secret way that you can travel the world for free in retirement.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How Dr. Ward became a hot air balloon pilot – and what flying balloons has taught him about the big picture and going with the flow in life.
  • What Dr. Ward does to help his clients overcome the feeling that they’ll never have enough money.
  • Why guided meditation and visualization practices are part of Dr. Ward’s methods – and why it works so well as a lead-in to coaching sessions.
  • The reason we all need coaches, mentors, or at least conversation partners – and why those people all need coaches as well – to do the best possible work.
  • What makes social entrepreneurship and activism so well-suited to second-act careers – and how to find ways to get involved in your community.
  • How a memorable purpose statement can keep you focused, action-oriented, and positive.

Inspiring Quotes

“Don’t put off saving. Recognize that the retirement era for you could be 30 years. Now, do you want to have a choice about what you do in that 30 years? Or do you want to have to get a job because you didn’t save for retirement?” Dr. Paul Ward


“When I choose to do things, when I accept invitations to serve on a not-for-profit board, for example, or if I’m asked to go and do a speech, then I look to that and say, ‘Can I use that platform, that event to take people higher in spirit, in business, or in life?’” – Dr. Paul Ward

Interview Resources

Too Young To Retire Website
Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways To Start The Rest of Your Life
The Power of Purpose: Creating Meaning in Your Life and Work


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