094: Empowering Widows Financially with Dr. Kathleen Rehl *

Almost every financial advisor faces a time in their career during which their clients’ spouses pass away, and many advisors struggle to know how to both provide support and guidance to their newly widowed clients’ surviving partners. In fact, as many as 70% of widows change financial advisors after the death of their spouse, and a lack of understanding is almost always the reason.

After Dr. Kathleen Rehl’s late husband passed, she set out on a journey to help empower widows, as well as the advisors who work with them. She is the author of Moving Forward On Your Own: A Financial Guidebook For Widows. Though many of the guests I’ve had on this podcast are authors, this is one of the few books that was fast, easy to read, and full of great insight.

Today, Kathleen joins the podcast to talk about how becoming a widow herself completely changed how she works with this demographic, how profound loss affects the decision-making process, and the common mistakes that get so many financial advisors fired after the death of a spouse. You’ll also hear stories about how Kathleen’s helped her own clients through this difficult time in their lives to pass their values, hopes, and dreams on to the next generation.

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In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Kathleen set off on her mission to empower widows – and how writing her book and working with other widows helped to facilitate the healing process.
  • How Kathleen used her book as a launchpad to help provide financial support to organizations for widows and their children.
  • How the loss of a partner can turn you into a “loose wheel” – and why Kathleen had to find new activities and make new friends.
  • What single women should be looking for as they try to find financial advisors – and Kathleen’s ABC formula for vetting them.

Inspiring Quotes

  • “I had many couples say, ‘This isn’t financial planning. It’s marital counseling.’” – Dr. Kathleen Rehl

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