038: Turning Tragedy into Opportunities to Survive and Thrive with Dave Sanderson *

On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 49 crashed into the Hudson River. Known as the Miracle on the Hudson, all 155 people on board survived, making it the most successful crash in aviation history.

Dave Sanderson was one of the last people to get off that plane. In his book, Moments Matter, he teaches the principles that enabled him to survive and stand out as a leader in a moment of panic – and how you can turn potentially tragic moments into opportunities to survive.

Now, as the president of Dave Speaks International, he hosts the Moments Matter Podcast, delivers over 100 speeches a year to corporate clients, and has delivered a well-known Ted Talk. Today, he joins the podcast to share the story of the day that changed his life, how to deal with crisis, and how the extraordinary lessons he’s learned tie in to many different facets of retirement.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • What happened in the Miracle on the Hudson – and how Dave Sanderson took action, survived, and helped others through this one in a billion incident.
  • How potentially tragic events give our lives new purpose – and the unique clarity that so many survivors get from what they think may be their last moments on Earth.
  • The two questions you need to ask in order to find your greater purpose.
  • The life lessons from Tony Robbins that stuck with Dave – and the remarkable moment that truly showed Dave what kind of a person he is.
  • What it means to turn a “should” into a “must” as you approach retirement planning – and how to get the answers you’re looking for as you try to answer your toughest questions.
  • How Dave taps into guidance and leadership from the world’s most successful people.

Inspiring Quotes

“The top people don’t do actions, they do outcomes.” – Dave Sanderson

“The meaning you attach to something produces the emotion of your life.” – Dave Sanderson

“People will help you, but you have to ask them.” – Dave Sanderson

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