152: Retire Inspired with Chris Hogan

chris hogan

Chris Hogan is a best-selling author, personal finance expert, and a leading voice on retirement, investing, and wealth. As part of the team at Ramsey Solutions, he helps people at all levels, including very high net worth individuals, set meaningful goals, and navigate their financial futures.

Chris has spoken to many people who think that Social Security will have them covered in retirement. He’s on a mission to help them work through this misconception, conquer their fears, and live purposeful, impactful lives.

Today, Chris joins the podcast to share the lessons he’s learned from working with Dave Ramsey and the happiest (and unhappiest) retirees over the last 15 years, how to define a retirement that works on your terms, and how to find the right person to help connect the puzzle pieces and bring it all together.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Chris believes that inspired retirement happens not at a certain age, but at a clearly defined financial number.
  • How retirees struggling to find inspiration, purpose, and meaning can get them back.
  • Why retirees have the biggest opportunities to make an impact in their local communities.
  • The difference between a financial expert, a financial coach, and a SmartVestor Pro, and when to connect with these different people.
  • How Chris looks at debt and its associated risks in retirement.

Inspiring Quote

  • “When you start to believe something and you match your work ethic with that belief, undeniably, things start to happen.” – Chris Hogan
  •  “Grab the opportunity and avoid the chances.” – Chris Hogan

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