155: The Geometry of Wealth with Brian Portnoy

brian portnoy

Brian Portnoy, Ph.D., CFA is the founder of Shaping Wealth, a financial wellness platform that provides coaching for financial advisors, executive coaches, and corporate wellness directors. He works to simplify the complex world of money, which he sees as an emotional lightning rod and one of our most nebulous social institutions.

He’s also the author of The Geometry of Wealth, where he explores how money figures into a happy life. He shares a new perspective when it comes to achieving what he calls true wealth and proposes a unique way to help people bring purpose and practice into alignment.

Today, Brian joins the podcast to talk about his work. We unpack the emotions that come up when we talk about money, why our finances and our search for meaning and fulfillness go hand in hand, and how we can rescript the narratives around retirement to feel happier at every stage of life.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between being wealthy and being rich – and why our pursuit of more as Americans doesn’t ever lead us to contentment.
  • What makes money such an emotional topic and why financial wellness is always such an uphill battle.
  • Why it’s so difficult to define purpose – and why failing to understand your goals makes planning for life (and retirement) so difficult.
  • The Four Cs of a meaningful life – and why we need them at every point in our lives.
  • Brian’s thoughts on how to build a portfolio that keeps your money in alignment with your goals – financial and otherwise.

Inspiring Quote

  • “If your measure of what counts as a meaningful life is relative to the lives of others, it’s going to be less satisfying.” – Brian Portnoy
  • “Nothing undermines your financial judgement more than the sight of your neighbour getting rich.” – JP Morgan

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