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2020 Updates to “Job Optional”

With the passing of the Secure Act of 2019, we felt it was important to make updates to Job Optional*. In addition to making those changes, we clarified information and made further updates to add additional value to the book. Below you will find a summarized list of updates. To view them in full, visit (insert link).

  • Page 72 – The definition of Flexible Withdrawal Strategy, as it applies in our Retire With Purpose Framework, can be referenced in paragraph 4 on this page.
  • Page 80 – With the passing of the Secure Act in late 2019, the Required Minimum Distribution age was changed to 72. Visit the web address above to read how this gives Steve and Barbara even more opportunity to create a tax efficient retirement in their later years with the added time before their RMDs kick in.
  • Page 129 - With the passing of the Secure Act at the end of 2019, we have seen the elimination of Stretch IRA option for non-spouse beneficiaries. Now, these beneficiaries are required to distribute the full amount of the inherited IRA within 10 years of death.
  • Page 130 - With the passing of the Secure Act at the end of 2019, the ability to stretch Roth IRAs has been eliminated, along with that of Traditional IRAs.
  • · Page 133 – The following has been added to the end of the last paragraph: If you may need the funds in the future and you or your spouse are still working, you may be able to reallocate a portion or all of those distributions as a Roth IRA contribution up to the maximum contribution limit; otherwise these funds should be invested in an after-tax portfolio focused on minimizing on-going taxation through tax-efficient investment strategies.