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6:30pm - 8:30pm
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One Ten Craft Meatery, North Buffalo Street, Warsaw, IN, USA

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Take Back Control of your Retirement

Financial Advisors will reveal the latest strategies on managing your Money and Retirement Investments and review the impact that COVID-19 may have on Your Taxes, Life Savings and Lifestyle.

We will discuss:

CORONAVIRUS & THE ECONOMY: Learn how your retirement assets and legacy could be at risk.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Will Social Security be there for me? How can I maximize my benefits?

THE SECURE ACT: New 2020 tax legislation could turn your IRA into a tax burden for your beneficiaries. Learn important mistakes you should avoid.

TAX-EFFICIENT STRATEGIES: How to get to the 0% tax bracket and transform your retirement.

IRA WITHDRAWALS: How withdrawals from IRAs could cause you to lose up to one-third of your Social Security.

RETIREMENT INCOME: Will you have enough? Learn strategies to help generate guaranteed income for life.

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