The Art of Risk Management

[INTERVIEW]   Casey: Welcome to Retire With Purpose and today we have a very special guest. Todd Tresidder is with us with FinancialMentor.com. Todd’s going to share with us some really insightful advice and I think we really want to start digging into where Todd is today and how we got there. So, Todd, first…

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Raising Money-Smart Kids

[INTRODUCTION] – In today’s blog, know how to make your kids money-smart and make them more empowered.   Casey: We’re here with John Lanza. John Lanza is the owner and founder of the Money Mammals providing financial education for children through books, apps, games, and movies. He’s also authored a book for parents, The Art…

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From Day Job to Dream Job

[INTRODUCTION] – Discover what you love to do and define your dream job with Casey Weade and Kary Oberbrunner.   Casey: Today, we’re here with Kary Oberbrunner on the Retire With Purpose Podcast and typically I would kind of give my little overview of who Kary is. However, I just got done reading here a…

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