Challenges facing retirees transitioning into retirement

Casey: Today’s guest is Dr. Wade Pfau. Wade is a Professor of Retirement Income at the American College of Financial Services holding a Doctorate in Economics from Princeton University and is a chartered financial analyst. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Personal Finance, founder of the Retirement Researcher Blog, Forbes contributor, and expert…

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What to do five years before retirement?

[INTRODUCTION]   Casey: Today, we’re welcoming Emily Guy Birken to the show, author and blogger. She focuses on parenting and most importantly for today’s topic, money, with a mission to help people and financial stress. She has a way of making typically complex financial topics that we all know exist in the financial world. She…

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Finding Happiness

[INTRODUCTION] Know how to plan your retirement right by keeping happiness as your first priority. Casey: Today we’re here with John Leland. John Leland is a journalist for the New York Times and he’s actually been at the New York Times for nearly 20 years covering a variety of different topics with a focus on…

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